Multi-function storage rack in kitchen

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Color: White

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Spacious storage capacity: This wheeled rolling cart provides three layers of large storage space, while saving floor space to optimize space utilization. The deep basket is designed to prevent objects from falling.

Convenient to move: This three-layer rolling car is equipped with 4 wheels (2 lockable), and the handle design allows you to easily and easily roll to any place you need, or lock it in place.
Different storage requirements can be customized: adjust the shelf or movable handle to meet various storage requirements. The utility car is equipped with the required tools and simple assembly instructions, so you can easily assemble the three-layer rolling car in 15-20 minutes.

size: 16.9inch*11inch*30in

color: White

Floor high: 3 layers

Weight: 8.4lbs



3 frameworks

2 brackets

4 wheels


三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-8三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-9三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-10三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-11三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-12三层网状实用推车, 带手柄和可锁定轮的滚动推车, 厨房, 客厅和办公室多功能储物架-白色-13